What is Content Marketing? Apply it to your company to earn money!

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What is Content Marketing? Apply it to your company to earn money!

Hello! My name is Olalla, I am a digital editor specialized in marketing, and I welcome you to my blog where I talk about interesting topics for your personal and economic progress. Throughout the blog you will find many articles similar to these that may also interest you.

Today I tell you more about what content marketing is, its benefits, my opinion about it and how I applied it. And especially how we can earn money on our websites and online stores thanks to content marketing, let’s go there!

What is content marketing?

I consider myself a faithful lover of content marketing, since it is closely linked to the writing and visual content that I have always loved.

Content marketing has been and is the star of online sales with the least investment required in recent years.

It is a tool within marketing that seduces our customers to make purchases or achieve their loyalty through content on the Internet. A content that is strategic and periodic. That is to say, it is a continuous work and we cannot abandon it, in addition to being focused on an objective. These content creation objectives are different and we will see them later.

We can reach our audience with content marketing through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social networks in image format, or video such as YouTube, making brandng content to engage the user.

Benefits of content marketing

To get to know content marketing more closely and to make you trust more of this marketing tool that has been giving fruit to so many users who work on the Internet, we have to review its benefits:

Low investment

As for the investment, if you are the one who creates the contents this investment will be the lowest of all with respect to other advertisements such as ads.

High performance

After having created the content marketing system on your website it will work passively for you so it generates high performance.

Business focus

Generating content forces you to study your client to know what they like so you will focus all your work and efforts to get it right and be much more capable of implementing other strategies such as payment campaigns.

Create branding and loyalty

These contents, in addition to helping you to come, will create a link between your company and the very favorable customer in order to build loyalty for future purchases.

Types of content marketing

The types of content for the style of content that encompasses content marketing and that we can use as resources when working on our programming are: informative and inspiring.

The informative contents are those that have a high educational content towards the user to teach them about a subject.

The inspiring contents are those that coincide with the branding of the brand and have the objective of catching and falling in love with the future client so that they remember our brand.

On the other hand, we have different content marketing formats such as: images, infographics, ebooks, informative articles, videos, stories, memes, editorials, tutorials, interviews, guest articles.

How to apply content marketing in your project or business

This part is the most important! Applying content marketing to your business correctly will be what separates you from failure and leads you to total success.

Our objectives now to apply content marketing on the Internet can be: make money with advertising on our website, earn money with affiliation on our website, sell products from our ecommerce, sell infoproducts on our website, sell services, or gain notoriety of personal brand or being an influencer

In each case, our objectives will be mainly aimed at creating monetizable content through advertising using our blog, long articles aimed at SEO positioning of a specific topic and disseminating it through social networks. We can also create other branding content to strengthen the public and make them fall in love.

Tips for applying content marketing

There are a series of steps or points that put into practice will make it much easier and faster without wasting time implementing content marketing in your project or company. We go with them!

Targeting. You should focus on your way of monetization and see it as the end of all your goals. Have this sales structure ready so that your future customer can buy before you start with content marketing.

Talk to your client. Your content marketing should be exclusively tailored to the concerns of your customers.

Planning. Choose those contents that you are going to create and make a calendar for the creation and publication of each one of them choosing a format and creating each one for each social network you use.

Creation. Write, design and edit. Start making each content of the month.

Programming. Program these contents through programming tools on social networks.

Constancy. Go on, ifque every month working your content marketing to create this funnel and community where sales are generated naturally.

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