How to have more instagram followers

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How to have more instagram followers

The internet is full of all kinds of social media these days, and we all get caught up in it sooner or later. The fastest growing social network is Instagram. If you don’t believe me, you can see the numbers yourself, it’s crazy.

So you have created your Instagram account, you have filled it with all your favorite photos, but you end up looking at that black number 0 in your followers account. You don’t see I like it in your photos. They discourage you, because the images you shared were some of your best and you would love to see them appreciated by the world.

Let me explain: there is much more to it than that. Keep reading and I’ll answer most of your question you didn’t even know you had.

What happens with Instagram is that there are many users. To be exact, around 800 million monthly active users as we speak. To put it in simple terms for you: in order for you to increase your audience, you must stand out. This actually applies to anything in life and Instagram is no different. Posting the same things that a million different users post, or God forbid, re-posting others’ pictures won’t really cut it. You have to have original content and it has to be of quality.

Target audience 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is: make sure you know what target audience you want to target. If you don’t know this for yourself, then others won’t know either. You can’t just go and post all kinds of different images on totally unrelated topics. If you want to create a dog account, you can’t start posting snake pictures. This will confuse your followers and perhaps lead them to stop following you at some point.

Instagram strategy checklist

I’ve made this simple checklist that you should consider applying to your Instagram strategy. Here’s how you can have more Instagram followers:

  • Make sure your posts attract your target audience
  • Keep your posts consistent – consistency is key
  • Use questions to keep your followers active in the comments (eg, “What are you guys doing this weekend?”)
  • Give your followers incentives to tag their friends (for example, “mention a friend who does this too!”)
  • Take advantage of double taps (eg, “Double tap to see what explains”)
  • Run competitions
  • You can appeal to the emotions of your followers
  • Use the #hashtags in your comments, not in the image description area, that’s sacred
  • Add a brand to your original creations

The list goes on and on, but if you want to know more about how you can have more Instagram followers, I suggest you visit our blog where we have more articles like this that delve into how to achieve this success on Instagram. It is a very good read for all Instagrammers who are trying to make their followers count. What are you waiting for?

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