How to repost on Instagram (Android and iPhone)

report stories in instagram

How to repost on Instagram (Android and iPhone)

So far, Instagram does not have a built-in repost function (in your feed, but you can repost in History). Therefore, to repost a photo or video on Instagram, there are two options: a screenshot and an application. The difference is that the screenshot is easier to make (you do not need to install anything), and in the application you can repost with the text. You need to install the application to repost the video.

Repost a photo on Instagram with a screenshot

Taking a screenshot is the most obvious and easiest way to repost. A good tone would be to indicate the @name of the account from where you repost to Instagram.

  1. Open the post you need on Instagram, take a screenshot.
  2. Make a new post on Instagram. You take a photo from the gallery, the last image in it is a screenshot.
  3. Crop (reduce or stretch) the photo to the desired size in the built-in editor.
  4. Publish a post.

Repost photos and videos on Instagram with or without text: Repost for Instagram application

There are many applications for reposting in the AppStore and GooglePlay. The most popular is Repost for Instagram. With its help you can make a repost with the author’s text.

how to report stories
  1. Open the desired post on Instagram, click on the three dots to the right of the photo or video.
  2. Select “Copy link”.
    Unlock your Instagram account
  3. Open the Repost for Instagram application.
  4. Your post is already in the application, click on it.
  5. Choose a place to link to the author of the post, and the background of the image or video. Click “Repost” (video may take longer to process than photo). Select “Open Instagram”
  6. You are transferred to Instagram, immediately to the “New Post” section. We frame the photo, if necessary.
  7. In Instagram, click on the screen, hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds, insert the text of the publication. You can see a button labeled “paste” or “clipboard”. The text can be edited, or do without it at all.
  8. We publish a repost photo or video with the author’s text.

How to make a repost on Instagram

The easiest way is a screenshot. Make a screen, upload to your page, and that’s it. But there are a few more options, and a separate application for repost in the story (though only for the iPhone).

Post repost in Instagram History

how to report stories

Any post from an open account can be reposted to a page (unless the post owner has forbidden it). Read more: How to Repost an Instagram Post in History.

Repost a publication with a mention

If the author of the History on Instagram has tagged you via an @name, then you can repost this History yourself.
If you mention your account in someone’s page, you will be notified directly, and from there you can repost to yourself in the History.

Application for reposting Storis on Instagram

Story Reposter for Instagram (repost for Instagram Stories)

Popular applications for reposts on Instagram (Android, iPhone)

Instagram is constantly updated, so sometimes the application may not work. There are two options – wait until the developers adjust and make changes to their application, or try any other application to repost photos and videos on Instagram.

Apps to repost photos and videos on Instagram on Android

Repost for Instagram (how to repost with it – instructions above)

Repost for Instagram

Regrann – Repost for Instagram

Apps to repost photos and videos on Instagram on iPhone

Repost for Instagram (how to repost with it – instructions above)

Repost and Save for Instagram (Photos and Videos)

QuickRepost for Instagram – Repost Upload Stories (you can repost Stories)

Repost – Easy & Quick Repost Your Photos / Videos

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