How to improve videos on Pinterest

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How to improve videos on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that works very well to publish all kinds of content, especially those that are visual. Due to the structure of the platform, it is a perfect place for all those creative contents, arranged vertically, although this does not mean that you always have to bet on the publication of long content.

Publishing other types of photos or videos with different formats can bring great benefits. In fact, the video content is of great interest and offers great performance to the companies present on the platform. In fact, from Pinterest itself they  assure that the videos are growing exponentially in the social network, up to 240% annually.

This reflects the great importance of video content, especially those related to beauty, DIY, entertainment and home decor, these being the content that is best received on the platform. However, this does not mean that in other sectors it is not equally beneficial and interesting to publish content on videos.

For a large number of Pinterest users, being able to enjoy videos contributes an extra value, encouraging more to contract a service or buy a product, that is, to make a conversion. For this reason, from the platform itself they have decided to launch different tips that companies and brands present in the social network can follow in order to take full advantage of the profile you have on the social network.

Tips for improving videos on Pinterest

From Pinterest  there are several tips that must be followed to improve the videos that are published on the well-known social platform, taking into account that you must follow a series of tips, which are of great importance in order to grow on the social network through of the video content. Some of them are the following:

Seek inspiration

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to create good video content is to look for content that is inspiring. For this you can assess other publications made on the platform. It is not about copying the content of other accounts but looking at the most successful ones to try to replicate them.

It is very important that the contents are capable of capturing the attention of users, regardless of the subject matter in question. It is recommended to opt for videos in which you can create plans in the video sequence that are attractive and striking.

In addition, from Pinterest they recommend that the description of the video be included  in order to make its performance better when receiving new users on the platform, making it possible to achieve greater interaction by users.

Pay attention to the length and quality of the video

When creating the content there are two other keys to keep in mind, which are the quality of the video and its  duration. In this sense, it is important to know that from the platform itself it is recommended to  make videos that last between 45 seconds and 3 minutes.

The objective of these should be that there is a balance between information and entertainment, in addition to the fact that the recording, whenever possible, should be done in a vertical format, contrary to what happens in other social networks that can be found. on the digital spectrum.

Plan the content

Another of the tips suggested by  Pinterest is to  plan content, emphasizing those designated dates in which searches within the platform increase. It is important to keep in mind that users tend to search for information and content 2-3 months before the particular date indicated.

That is why it is so necessary to anticipate and properly plan the content so that the contents, for example, related to Christmas, summer, etc. are published on the social network at the right time, which as we have mentioned is several months before, since this way can be found by users who are planning those dates.

Depending on your niche, you can find certain dates or others, although for businesses there are some common ones such as Christmas.

Analyze the statistics

All of the above must be kept in mind, but also the fact that it is necessary to  analyze the content statistics. In any company profile you will have the possibility to access the statistics of your publications, so that you can know which content works best.

In this way you will be able to know the contents that best fit your audience, something that is essential when creating and selecting the contents to publish on your Pinterest account. In this way you will have greater possibilities of achieving success on the social platform.


Lastly, from the social network itself they assure that it is very useful to create a collaborative board with other people of the team with ideas as well as future references, in addition to being advisable to be aware of trends in order to try to stay ahead of the competition and make related publications, as long as they are relative to your niche. In this way you can carry out publications that have a greater potential in order to receive more interaction.

It is very important to take them into account in order to make publications that can be disseminated by users or simply to achieve a greater number of conversions. In addition to taking into account local and global trends, as appropriate and according to your particular niche, it is advisable to take a look at the different reports that Pinterest itself  publishes in a timely manner and indicating the trends that will be searched on the platform.

For example, for this year, responsible consumption is considered trends from the platform; well-being and balance; international inspiration; pets and responsible tourism, in addition to other search trends related to objects and clothing of neutral gender.It is important to take it into account to make the best publications.

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