How to better organize yourself on Pinterest

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How to better organize yourself on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social platform that is not given as much value as it really deserves, being a space on the network where it is possible to access a large amount of information and that offers great possibilities for professionals and companies that want to increase their visibility In the net. It is a perfect place to promote all kinds of products and services, being therefore a channel that you should value if you have a professional account.

However, this time we are going to talk about how you can  better organize yourself on Pinterest, a platform that millions of users turn to for inspiration and ideas.

It is usual that after reaching the platform, the ideas that arouse the most interest among users are stored on boards, whether it is to organize an activity, celebrate an event or a recipe for cooking, among many others.

In fact, especially as a result of the confinement due to coronavirus, the use of the platform has increased and they are being searched again now that searches related to travel, event planning, etc. seem to be reaching its final period. During the month of April, in full quarantine, there have been 60% more boards created than on the same date the previous month, at the same time that interaction with them has grown 75% year-on-year. 

Additionally, there has been tremendous growth on those boards that are focused on baby showers, internet learning, or virtual activities.

Organization on Pinterest

Taking all of the above into account, from  Pinterest they want to organize their boards as simple as possible for their users, so that they can develop all their ideas within the platform. For this reason, the social network itself has different new functions that allow for better organization.

Among these new functions are being able to add notes to the boards or set dates, in addition to being able to group the pins automatically in sub-boards so that ideas are better organized according to their theme. In addition, there are also new templates to organize these sub-boards. If you want to know how to better organize yourself on Pinterest, below we will talk about each of these functions.

Use dates and notes

One of the new functions that the platform has decided to implement is focused on being able to add dates and notes to the dashboards of the social platform, so that you can have a more effective follow-up of them and thus archive the dashboard when the date if you agree.

In addition, thanks to its new notes function  you can make observations on the boards, write down interesting data, place the ingredients for a recipe, etc., it is highly recommended that you add pins to your notes as a reminder.

Pin grouping

If you want to know  how to better organize yourself on Pinterest, it is recommended that you make use of this new function as a personal assistant that is active on the social platform. In this way you will put yourself in the hands of all the technology of the social network so that it is in charge of suggesting sub-boards that allow you to have a better organization of your main boards.

In this way, if for example you have many outstanding sports activities to do on a board, you can categorize them according to the type of sport so that you can have greater control and organization over them, with the advantage that this implies.

New templates

In addition to being able to enjoy  automatic grouping, thanks to the latest Pinterest news you can enjoy a better experience when saving the first pin, since subboards and ideas for them are suggested from the platform itself so you can add more content of interest to these, so it is a function very focused on achieving a better user experience on the platform.

All this will help you when it comes to enjoying more of a platform that continues to grow despite the fact that it is still far from the main social networks. Despite this, it has  more than 367 million users worldwide, a not inconsiderable figure that makes it a place to be taken into account by all those people who want to have a place in the network.

In fact, it is not a platform that is getting the most out of it professionally, although it is true that more and more companies and professionals see it as an opportunity to promote their products or services. It is a very visual social network that is really useful for the commercial and professional field, especially for those who have some type of product for sale that attracts attention visually and that you can find on Pinterest the support you need to reach a greater number of users or potential clients.

Integration with Shopify

On the other hand, it should be noted that  Pinterest has presented its integration with Shopify, which makes it go one step further to facilitate the loading of catalogs for retailers. The app thus creates a connection between each store and Pinterest, so that the merchant will not have to edit any code or go into development, making it an excellent choice for all businesses.

In this way, when a store manager uploads a catalog feed to their store, it will be easier for users, that is, their potential customers, to discover and save their products, making them also able to buy them if they so wish. they want directly through their website.

Many of the people who come to Pinterest do so with a clear intention of planning and buying and this can be used by professionals to try to increase their sales and, therefore, grow their sales. For the moment, this integration with the e-commerce platform is available in the United States and Canada, although it will soon reach other territories.

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