Buying TikTok visits [2020]

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Buying TikTok visits [2020]

TikTok is a video platform that has only been on the market for a few years. However, its popularity grew in a surprising way during 2019. If you have a channel on this social network and want to reach more people, you have probably thought about buying TikTok visits. Therefore, here we will explain how to achieve it.

Time to grow on TikTok!

A few years ago, there was an indisputable hierarchy in the world of social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter always occupied the first places, and there were no other digital platforms capable of competing with them.

However, things change over time, and the big companies in the RRSS saw new options appear that quickly became very famous. Above all, among young people who wanted to share short posts, which would be automatically deleted from the files of the social network just a few hours after they were posted.

Thus, names such as Snapchat and Wickr Me emerged, which in turn cleared the way for another app of Chinese origin called Douyin, and which would be known in the rest of the world as TikTok.

On TikTok, users can post short videos, from just 15 seconds to 1 minute long. In these videos, content creators carry out all kinds of activities, which can be musical, comedy, challenge or simple entertainment.

This new app is extremely popular among young people, who found in it an effective and fun alternative to Snapchat, and even other much more traditional social networks such as Facebook or Tumblr.

Like the great online video platform, YouTube, TikTok measures the popularity of a user by their number of followers and the number of views their videos have. This way of leveling popularity has given rise to the acquisition of followers and the tendency to buy TikTok visits.

Buying Tiktok tours, is it a good idea?

To be honest, buying followers is something that has been around since social media started to become known. During the first years of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, page administrators and regulators began to notice that different profiles with no posts or no followed users had an unusual number of followers.

This phenomenon grew so much that different RRSS not only changed their policies to completely prohibit the use of false profiles, but also punished accounts that bought followers by suspending or eliminating virtual profiles.

However, this has not stopped the use of bots, whose sole purpose is to increase the number of followers and visits of a specific channel.

So what is the problem, if the bots duty seems to be punctual and specific? The drawback appears when fake profiles stall the growth of social media. We can think of them as a plant, that if planted in a pot with artificial soil will not grow and inevitably succumb to the lack of organic material that keeps it growing and developing. Therefore, no matter how much you water the artificial soil, it will never be real or bring real benefits.

In this sense, the purchase of followers, visits and interactions is something very typical of the world of the RRSS. It will hardly disappear, and if you are completely sure that the risk is worth it and you will continue with your plan to buy TikTok visits, you need to follow some instructions.

4 things you must do to buy TikTok visits

You decided, you want your video to be very popular even though you don’t have a lot of followers, and to achieve this you are going to buy TikTok visits. What should you do? Let’s go step by step:

1. Go to the store

First of all, visits to your channel are not something that you can buy physically or in the application itself. That is why you have to go out and find them, and there is no better place to get them than the app market. It does not matter if you use iOS or Android, since with a simple visit to the App Store or the Play Store you can get a host of stores that offer visits, some more reliable than others. With that said, let’s go to step two.

2. Be cunning and cautious

As in all moments of life, when you go shopping for TikTok visits it is necessary to have a little common sense. It is very easy for an online store to offer a huge number of visits and then disappear along with your investment. Take precautions, and go to apps that have good recommendations and positive comments.

3. Don’t overdo it

It is easy to buy a large number of visits and all of them, in one go, make your video go viral, right? We are sorry to tell you that not everything is so simple and that you have to exercise caution.

So if TikTok notices a huge increase in visits to your channel in just a few minutes, you could be suspicious, and in the worst case, permanently delete your channel, along with your content. Make the visits come little by little, and focus on keeping them flowing properly, avoiding unnecessary excesses.

4. Be realistic

Buying Tiktok followers  is not synonymous with gaining instant popularity in the app. Dummy visitors and followers will only see the video, but will not interact with the post. It doesn’t matter if the store you bought them from was the best of all, it cannot guarantee the success of your publications.

Are the other options convenient?

The virtual world is completely interconnected. For this reason, the things we publish stay there so that anyone, at any time, can see them. Likewise, it is true that interconnection, powerful as it may be, does not make all publications the main or the most popular.

For a post to be successful, different factors have to come together, such as the interaction of the public, its relevance in terms of current trends, the fame of its creator and the time it has on the social network. Of course, there may be exceptions, like channels that post a single video and it goes viral right away, but that only happens in very few cases.

We already said that buying TikTok visits does not ensure the success of the channel, so the content creator has to make an effort to get along with his followers and establish a network of users who are truly interested in his channel. If you fail to take that step, achieving the popularity you want will be difficult. Recall that, in the RRSS, users are the ones who decide what they want to see, and if a type of content does not interest them, they will simply leave it aside.

In order for this not to happen, the user can try different strategies such as:

  • Find similar channels and support each other
  • Publish new content frequently so that followers notice that the page is active.
  • Give like and comment on the videos of other users.
  • Share your content on other platforms.
  • Use effects that make our content more attractive and try to collaborate with other users.

Reasons to buy TikTok visits

For TikTok users, the main reason they use the platform is to have fun, as well as distract themselves from their daily chores. In fact, striving is not a term related to this video social network.

But for those who want to become popular, there is no other alternative than to create their own name, based on which they can form their fame as an influencer on TikTok. In this sense, the purchase of visits and followers can function as a starting point, which gives the user the confidence necessary to continue creating content.

However, this alone is not enough. You have to work hard to achieve the goals you want. The growth of an account depends on the desire of the owner of the account to grow and expand.

This does not only happen on TikTok, since all the famous people who started their careers on social networks were completely unknown people who shared their content just because they wanted to. As they gained recognition, their content had to be adapted to the tastes and needs of these new followers, so their evolution has had to be continuous and constant.

We can say, without fear of being wrong, that they work very hard to come up with and create new material every week. Do not forget that TikTok, being a platform for micro videos, offers many more freedoms in the creative field, since what is published there does not have to be so elaborate or planned.

Finally, it is not bad to buy TikTok visits, and it is a valid alternative to make an account look more interesting. However, real recognition comes from the person who posts new content every day, and who strives to create a real bond with their followers.

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